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Articles in Home | Health & Fitness

  • Health Risks of Using Cell Phones
  • that's right! what happens to your ear after using your cell phone for more than 30 minutes? your ear starts to burn or warm up. this burning or warming is caused by radiation! yes, cell phones emit tr......

  • Uncover The Pros and Cons Of Fad Dieting
  • when was the last time you were tempted to try that fad diet you have found in the latest magazine that promises the world with fantastic fat losses and without doing a thing. what was it again; just......

  • How To Lose Belly Fat Fast And Lose Love Handles Fast
  • as we age, our metabolism starts to slow down and we start to gain fat in all the wrong places. to make matters worse, it is known that the older we get,the more sedentary our lifestyle will be. this ......

  • Pilates Exercises For Healthy and Natural Weight Loss
  • many attempts have been made throughout the years to bring about a harmonious workout for both the mind and the body. few, however, manage to achieve such a fusion, focusing instead on specific exerc......

  • Dumbbell Exercises - New Ways To Improve Your Muscle Tone
  • one great way to improve your workouts is with dumbbell exercises. using a wide variety of dumbbell routines, you can strengthen every major muscle group in your body. strength training can work with ......

  • Can Fat Turn Into Muscle Or Muscle Into Fat?
  • can muscle turn into fat or fat turn into muscle? how many time have you heard this hilarious fats and muscles myth? yes, this is one fats and muscles myth that will never go away. get this straig......

  • Black Womens Hairstyles: Its Not Just About The Hair
  • throughout the decades, the social significance of black hairstyles has remained a relevant part of black history. unlike other american cultural trends, black hairstyles represent a significant hist......

  • 4 Reasons Why Everyone Likes the Mediterranean Diet
  • introduction there are very few diet plans that receive as wide spread appreciation than does the mediterranean diet. indeed, as a matter of routine, nearly everyone who has the opportunity to ex......

  • Smart Snacking!
  • isn't it frustrating that chips, doughnuts and chocolate bars always seem to be within easy reach the second you need a snack? it's almost like life planned it that way. not any more. with a little ......

  • Fitness In Five Minutes A Day?
  • what is the minimum amount of exercise needed for health and fitness? while it depends on the person, lifestyle, and goals, the general wisdom is that 20-60 minutes per day of cardio pumping, iron li......

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