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Articles in Home | Computers & Technology

How To Import IE Favourites Into Firefox

So you have left the IE program in favour of Firefox. There are website you visit on a day to day basis but you may not actually remember the url of the site, that's where Bookmarks come in handy you can save a bookmark and then when you wish to visit the site instead of typing the url you can click the site from the drop down menu. This will then take you directly to your chosen site.

So you have lots of them saved in IE and you want to move them well it is a very simple and straightforward process which will help no end in your day to day surfing.

You must:

Open Firefox

Click File

Then Click Import

You will then be presented with a dialog box saying "Import Settings and Data" at the top

Underneath that are two radio buttons one saying "Microsoft Internet Explorer" the other on my one for example say Opera it may be different on your machine.

Continue by clicking the IE radio button and clicking next

The screen will then allow you to choose what you transfer (Favourites,Internet Options,Cookies,Browsing History etc...)

Then once you have chosen this click next

Firefox will then import all of the options you have chosen. You should then be able to click bookmarks and see all the imported bookmarks from IE in a folder.

It's that easy and with it you can now easily access all those hard to remember sites you saved in IE6/7 whichever you have

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