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Articles in Home | Business

  • RFID Readers
  • rfid is an acronym that stands for radio frequency identification. it is a continuously evolving technology that fundamentally is an automatic identification system that facilitates detection of objec......

  • RFID Systems
  • rfid (radio frequency identification) is a network of microchip transponders, readers, and system software that makes possible the regular exchange of data.each rfid transponder, or a tag, is implante......

  • History of RFID
  • radio frequency identification (rfid) technology can be traced back to world war ii. counties such as germany, japan, america, and england all used radar (that had been discovered in 1935 by a physici......

  • All Killer - No Filler
  • i dont know about our readers, but i like my burgers simple: meat, cheese, ketchup and lettuce. thats it. i am not into feta cheese, guatemalan jalapenos, pastrami or whatever fad is currently setting......

  • Prospecting - Lo K S (Low Key and Simple), the Easiest Way to Learn
  • when it comes to training sales professionals, i have found that the eventual implementation of any training is linked to one key factor; how easy the new skill is to make part of our daily routine. ......

  • Prospecting - In Order to Have Persistence You Must Really Persist!
  • i know this sounds sort of redundant, but it is true and, sadly, many sales people don't know it. i was working with a salesman this week who has had a rather slow start with his company. he is se......

  • Hiring the Balanced Interview Candidate
  • organizations often struggle with a difficult dilemma when targeting college graduates for hire. do you place greater credence in academic excellence, or look for the well-rounded mediocre student? ......

  • Prospecting - Time Really is Money
  • i am not the world's most organized salesman. in fact, i may be the least well organized sales person you will ever know. however, i do know one very important organizational fact regarding succes......

  • Prospecting -The Chinese Definition of Insanity
  • how appropriate for prospecting. i talk with sales people all the time who have trouble with prospecting, yet continue to prospect the same way. i don't bother to ask them why, since that is a bad qu......

  • Commercial Outdoor Lighting
  • luminous billboards, shop signs and twinkling lights create a fairy tale ambience, luring bargain hunters and casual observers to malls, eating places, gaming centers and commercial establishments. la......

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