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Articles in Home | Business

  • Watch American Idol Or Go Out of Business
  • on the heels of the fifth season of fox's americana-mega-monster american idol, small business owners have a huge opportunity to leverage fox's fortune into their own and put big bucks into the bank in ......

  • The Paradox of International Trade Shows
  • there is a paradox to an international trade show. and it has two parts. the first? it is unique because it is foreign. if it's your first show, it should be a real adventure. if it's your umpt......

  • Singing the 1099 Blues
  • an important deadline is looming for small business owners who use subcontractors to work in their businesses. january 31st is the deadline for the filing of irs form 1099-misc for all unincorporated ......

  • Non Compete Agreement: How Does A Non Compete Clause Affect You?
  • a non compete agreement or (no compete clause) is often used by employers to protect themselves against their staff leaving their company to join another company (ie. a competitor). the fear is th......

  • Why Do I Pay A Royalty Fee?
  • the first point to make about royalties is that good franchise systems should look at them not as a payment but rather as a remittance. it is the franchisor's share of the income derived from customers......

  • How To Gain A Competitive Edge Through Packaging
  • have you ever gone to a fast food restaurant and ordered a "value meal?a fixed price combo that usually includes a sandwich, fries, and a beverage? chances are, you have. what you may not have realized......

  • Bad Interview: How A Bad Interview or Bad Interviewer Can Effect You
  • not all interviewers know what they are doing. interviewing is not an easy task and not all people conducting interviews will come across as well as others. it's easy to get turned off during a......

  • Turn Chaos Into Quality -- Starting Today
  • unless you start doing "it?today, all the quality checks in the world won't save your company from a major stumble. as a quality manager, i like to imagine that if everybody does their job and quality i......

  • Do You Look Good on Paper?
  • no matter how talented you are or how great you present yourself in person, if you're in the market for a new job and want to dazzle a potential employer with your credentials, the one sure way is by l......

  • Lying On Your Resume
  • lying on your resume is something that you might consider doing to make yourself look better than you actually are, especially when you are applying for a job(s) you really want. if you choose to ......

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