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Articles in Home | Arts & Entertainment

Superman is a Classic Party Theme

The Superman character first originated in the early comic books of the thirties and has lasted as an American Icon for these many decades. There are a number of Superman movies, not just the well-known movies starring Christopher Reeves but the new Superman movie and even earlier Superman movies made in the forties and fifties. Kids love Superman and adults love Superman too, because they grew up with the superhero. Help foster your childís love of the superhero with fond memories associated with a Superman theme party.

Nearly all young boys at some point in their lives want to dress up as a superhero for Halloween, or for just a costume party. You can make this Superman party a Superhero party by inviting all the kids to come as their favourite superheroes when they visit Supermanís cave of solitude for this party. For the decoration you can find lots of red, blue and yellow decoration to accent Supermanís uniform colors. That means streamers, dangles, and balloons hung all over the ceiling and walls. Heck while youíre at it you can hang up Superman posters and wall murals. If you canít find a wall mural featuring Superman, then look for one of a cityscape and tell the kids itís a view of Metropolis from Supermanís point of view when heís flying.

Youíll be able to find plenty of napkins, tablecloths and paper plates featuring the Superman theme for your party. Food isnít a problem. Make up a Superman cake with plain white or yellow cake colored with red and blue swirls of food coloring. Top this off with dark blue Superman colored icing, and a scoop of Superman flavoured ice cream and youíre done! Of course the kids will still want to open up their presents if itís a birthday party. If not keep them entertained by watching episodes of the show Smallville or the old Superman movies.