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Articles in Home | Arts & Entertainment

New Materials-New Styles

What do you think of when you hear jewelry? You can think of the same old classics of silver and gold which match with everything, but now with more modern jewelry the use of stones has also become popular along with the same similar materials used to make the trendy jewelry seen at most stores. Still, these same materials and styles have been used and re-used throughout several decades. Where is the innovation to jewelry?

In Latin-America, artisans are using all kinds of different materials to make jewelry, and now, with companies such as Innovations Arts, they are available here. With pieces such as the sets Springtime Sensation 1 and 2 that use tagua, coconut, and asayan, Innovations Arts really does follow its name. Why settle for the same simple designs when you can have jewelry that resembles art? The exclusive designs that can only be found through Innovations Arts really are artwork. Each design is unique and made with products that make its creation true handiwork. The necklaces sold at are held together by unique materials such as waxed thread and leather that make them great accessories to stand out at any event whether you are dressed up or going for a more casual look. There are also bracelets, earrings, and combinations of all of them that cannot be found anywhere else. Take advantage of knowing that you are the only person with this much style anywhere you go.

Cathleen Plazas is a 21 year old college senior studying Psychology and International Theater. She is also the press director for Innovations Arts and has been working with Hugo Puerto since the company's founding. An Orlando native born to Colombian parents, with a keen eye for fashion and a heart for helping others she is very excited to be part of such a great company.

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