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Articles in Home | Arts & Entertainment

  • The Wholesale Plasma Television Guide
  • youve finally made the decision to purchase that wholesale plasma television that you have been dreaming of, but you dont want to spend a lot of money. what do you do? heres a simple, straightforwar......

  • Dont Mess with My Magic Trick!
  • there is usually one in every crowd that just has to be thespoiler in exposing your magic trick. you know, the guy, and isay guy, not girl, for a reason, as in all my experiences, ihave yet to have a......

  • Arizona Blue-Gunfighter: Another Town
  • arizona blue-gunfighterin: another town [--five] [cheyenne - 1878] the man called arizona-blue he was known as arizona blue because arizona was where he came from and he had the deepes......

  • The Old Man of Chickamauga [Virginia-1861]
  • the old man of chickamauga[virginia-l861] "The bastards are going to come into my house; they are going to burn it. burn my, what can i do [?].? tears appeared in within his ......

  • In the Mountans of Haiti [A Poem: in English and Spanish]
  • in the mountains of haiti (in the city) -July is a hot month-sweating poverty out on every street(in port de prince); mixing memory with desire causes stirring.not much rain in haiti (in 198......

  • The Archbishop: and the Maiden [#12 of 27, to The Cadaverous Planets]
  • the archbishop: andthe maiden faith believes,it also trusts: and it also tests. "I am the archbishop of brugge,?he said to his guest in a most ingratiating voice. "And i am jokaneen of the ......

  • Its Awesome August Again
  • august, the eighth month of the year, is to put it bluntly .the worst of a long, hot summer or perhaps the armpit of an incredibly sweltering one. if youre in a quandary about why a cow would want ......

  • Where To Download Music On The Internet
  • virtually all of you have probably heard of the riaas quest to crush online music piracy. the illegal sharing of copyrighted songs via the mp3 format on top the internet costs the music industry billi......

  • Five Great Practice Ideas I Learned From My Piano Students!
  • sometimes the teacher learns more from the student than the student does from the teacher. hopefully, not too often, but today i would like to share with you some great practicing ideas that have come......

  • Who Needs a Life? Trade in Your Free-Time for More TV-Time
  • people do not watch enough television. did that get your attention? it most likely did in this day and age of babysitting via the boob tube and blaming the obesity epidemic on sedentary habits (read: ......

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