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American Idol Party: Party Favors, Karaoke, and Fun

If you live in a large city, there is a good chance that American Idol has been there. American Idol is a show televised in the U.S. It is based on the UK show, ďPop Idol.?The basic premise of the show is a panel of judges audition talented, but unknown singers to discover the best of the group. The winner is crowned an ďAmerican Idol.?/p>

Nielsen Media Research, a company that measures what television audiences watch, reported that more than 26 million people tuned into the premier season of American Idol. The ratings for the show increased by at least 10% for the 2006 season. After five seasons of top rating, the American Idol show has proven that it has a formula for success. The popularity of the show has spawned karaoke clubs everywhere. A group of people and a karaoke machine can equal an evening of fun and entertainment. Both young and old enjoy American Idol. If youíre interested in a unique way to celebrate, you may want to take hints from American idol.

So, what makes an American Idol party? Bright colors and lights will set the mood. A karaoke machine, microphone, and appropriate music are a must. If you donít already own a karaoke machine, you donít have to rush out and buy one. Karaoke rentals are prevalent and depending on your area can cost between $35 and $100. What is considered appropriate for your party depends mostly on the age range of the partygoers. Unless the group all has the same taste in music, it is probably best to use a CD with a variety of music. You can pick these up for$5-$10 at any store that sells music. If you cant find what you want and you donít mind spending about $50, you can download software to create your own karaoke CDs.

Once you have all the essentials, you are only left to how the competition will work. This is really up to you. For young children, you may want to allow everyone to sing and win a prize of some kind. For older people, you can follow the traditional American Idol format and have an audience and a panel of judges vote on the singers. - All Rights Reserved.